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Whilst shooting a commercial in South Africa, Kristian discovered his passion for wildlife with a real concern for their preservation

Since then, he has combined his twin passions of wildlife conservation and photography, to create fine art, exhibited in some of the most prestigious venues worldwide. Milk Studios in NYC, Art Basel, Art Monaco, and the Cannes Film Festival .

His wildlife imagery has lead to work on the enormously successful films, Jurassic Park, and Black Panther,


whilst his Whale Shark Fine Art series has appeared in over 200 publications worldwide.


Ivory Ban

Yao Ming - Basket Ball Star

He has championed the conservation of sharks, elephants, and rhinos with messages that have reached hundreds of millions of people in China and around the world. Yao Ming is the star of our documentary The End of the Wild, a film that depicts the tragic poaching crises decimating elephant and rhino populations in Africa. He was instrumental in bringing about China's landmark ivory ban at the end of 2017.

Sir Richard Branson

Nail Biter campaign 


 Featuring the Virgin founder and Chinese celebrities highlight that the keratin found in rhino horn has no more health benefits than chewing your own fingernails.

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Danai Gurira

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.As demand for wildlife products declines in Asia, WildAid has begun assisting wildlife range countries to boost their protection efforts. Political will and local public support is vital to battle the corruption, weak laws, and lack of enforcement that enables poaching and illegal wildlife trade. We have engaged our model to involve local residents not just around the parks, but also in cities


Ivory Free Campaign Wildaid

The Duke of Cambridge, David Beckham, and Yao Ming are speaking out to protect elephants, rhinos, and sharks for future generations. The trio met in London to film two messages that aired globally, with targeted outreach in China and Vietnam.

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